Матарызаваная заслона бяспекі
Матарызаваная заслона бяспекі

Did you ever noticed the safety of Motorized Curtain System?

It’s quite dangerous if children playing with the Motorized Curtain while it’s running.

When your child see the moving curtain, it will be super fun for them to chase the unknown moving curtain.

Image that if the curtain won’t stop while your children are playing with it, how terrible will it be if it drag your baby down and drag it all the way until the curtain stop? Can’t image that!

Manufacturer only cares about price or quality, but we care about user’s safety! That’s the reason why we invented the “Child protection” function at the first place.

Did your motorized curtain system has the “Child Protective” Function? If not, Change it!!

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